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Tomorrow on thursday the 27th of September I will be streaming live, after 10:30 pm, on how to make your own Sarsaparilla concentrate to add to carbonated water so that you can have your own Sarsaparilla soda!

You wont want to miss it!

Don't get too comfortable with this site and it's layout, it could change to fit our needs and your needs. Stay tuned! In the mean time, like us on Facebook.
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Check out our new video series called "Existence", it's just us and our lives not that you care.

Welcome to the super basic Radio Intel website that will house all of the information that we currently have until the website is updated and looks better. If you like it like this, enjoy it while it lasts or submit a leave as is request to hunter@radintel.com

Some of you may ask, "why is the website called 'radintel' if your name is 'Radio Intel', why isn't it 'radiointel.com'?" The answer is quite simply, some guy/girl bought the domain and has it being filled with a picture of a radio tower with some words that don't mean much to most people. So we got radintel instead, but I think it's fitting aren't we "rad" for the "intel" we give you? ar ar ar ar.

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